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Questions about mental disorders in diabetes mellitus attracted the attention of many scientists of the 19th century. They believed that such a disease could cause serious mental illness. However, after some time, the opinion was formed that this version was erroneous. Some researchers have argued that many people who suffer from diabetes are highly intelligent and intelligent. Nowadays, scientists have conducted experiments and studied more than 600 people with diabetes. Psychopathological symptoms were present in 431 patients. They experienced increased irritability, rapid mental fatigue, apathy and sleep disturbances. Some patients had pronounced symptoms.

A psychopathic-like syndrome occurs most often in people who have diabetes and complain of vascular disorders and cerebral atherosclerosis. The most common symptom of heboid disease is significant memory loss. Psychopathic-like syndrome occurs in people of all ages. You studied the treatment, features of the disease and its symptoms in our article. Unfortunately, in the early stages it is quite difficult to diagnose this pathology. Based on this, it is important to pay attention to all changes in the behavior of your loved ones. Any unnatural shifts need to be addressed. Timely treatment allows you to get rid of the disease in the shortest possible time.

A syndrome is a complex of symptoms. Psychopathological syndrome is a complex, more or less typical set of internally (pathogenetically) interconnected psychopathological symptoms, in the particular clinical manifestations of which the volume and depth of damage to mental functions, the severity and massiveness of the effect of pathogenic harmfulness on the brain are expressed.

Psychopathological syndromes are the clinical expression of various types of amoxil pills, which include mental illnesses of psychotic (psychosis) and non-psychotic (neuroses, borderline) types, short-term reactions and persistent psychopathological conditions. There is currently practically no single view on the concept of positive, and therefore negative, syndromes. Syndromes that areare qualitatively new, absent normally, symptom complexes (they are also called pathological positive, “plus” disorders, phenomena of “irritation”), indicating the progression of a mental illness, qualitatively changing the mental activity and behavior of the patient.

Asthenic syndrome - a state of neuropsychic weakness - is the most common in psychiatry, neurology and general medicine and at the same time a simple syndrome of predominantly quantitative mental disorders. The leading manifestation is mental asthenia itself. There are two main variants of asthenic syndrome - emotional-hyperesthetic weakness (hypersthenic and hyposthenic). An abundance of somato-vegetative disorders is typical. headaches, hyperhidrosis, acrocyanosis, lability of the cardiovascular system, sleep disturbances, predominantly shallow sleep with an abundance of everyday dreams, frequent awakenings up to persistent insomnia. There is often a dependence of somato-vegetative manifestations on meteorological factors and fatigue.

In the hyposthenic variant, physical asthenia, lethargy, fatigue, weakness, fatigue, pessimistic mood with decreased performance, increased drowsiness with lack of Amoxicillin from sleep and a feeling of weakness and heaviness in the head in the morning come to buy amoxil pills.

Asthenic syndrome occurs in somatic (infectious and non-infectious) diseases, intoxications, organic and endogenous mental illnesses, and neuroses. It constitutes the essence of neurasthenia (asthenic neurosis), going through three stages. hypersthenic, irritable weakness, hyposthenic. Typical (harmonious) syndromes include uniformly depressive or manic triads of obligatory symptoms. pathology of emotions (depression, mania), changes in the course of the associative process (slowdown, acceleration) and motor-volitional disorders /inhibition (substupor) - disinhibition (excitement), hypobulia - hyperbulia/.