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Other main components include hypobulia in the form of amoxil pills, fatigue, tiredness and decreased productivity and slowing of the associative process in the form of difficulty finding words, decreased mental activity, and memory impairment. Additional symptoms include obsessive doubts, low self-esteem, and disturbances in self-awareness and activity. Atypical depressive syndromes include subdepressive ones. relatively simple and complex depression.

Astheno-subdepressive syndrome - low mood, spleen, sadness, boredom, combined with a feeling of loss of vitality and activity. Symptoms of physical and mental fatigue, exhaustion, weakness combined with emotional lability, and mental hyperesthesia predominate. Adynamic subdepression includes low mood with a hint of indifference, physical inactivity, lethargy, lack of desire, and a feeling of physical impotence. Anesthetic subdepression is a low mood with a change in affective resonance, the disappearance of a sense of amoxicillin, sympathy, antipathy, empathy, etc. with a decrease in motivation for activity and a pessimistic assessment of the present and future.

Algic-senestopathic variants of MD. Optional symptoms are represented by a variety of senestopathies, paresthesias, algias in the heart area (cardialgic), in the head area (cephalgic), in the epigastric area (abdominal), in the joint area (arthralgic), and various “walking” symptoms (panalgic). They constituted the main content of the patients� complaints and experiences, and subdepressive manifestations were assessed as secondary, insignificant.

The agrypnic variant of MD is represented by severe sleep disturbances. difficulty falling asleep, shallow sleep, early awakening, lack of a feeling of rest from sleep, etc., while experiencing weakness, decreased mood, lethargy. The vegetative-visceral variant of MD includes painful and diverse manifestations of amoxil 500mg medications. pulse lability, increased blood pressure, dipnea, tachypnea, hyperhidrosis, feeling of chills or heat, low-grade fever, dysuric disorders, false urge to defecate, flatulence, etc. In structure and character, they resemble diencephalic or hypothalamic paroxysms, episodes of bronchial asthma or vasomotor allergic disorders.

The psychopathic-like variant is represented by behavioral disorders, most often in adolescence and young adulthood. periods of laziness, spleen, leaving home, periods of disobedience, etc. The drug-addicted variant of MD is manifested by episodes of alcohol or drug intoxication with subdepression without a clear connection with external causes and reasons and without signs of alcoholism or drug addiction. A variant of MD with disorders in the sexual sphere (periodic and seasonal impotence or frigidity) against the background of subdepression.

Adynamic depression is a combination of melancholy with weakness, lethargy, powerlessness, lack of motivation and desires. Anesthetic depression is a predominance of mental anesthesia, painful insensibility with painful experience. Tearful depression is a depressed mood with tearfulness, weakness and asthenia.